Barney & the Dinosaurs
Santa Cruz Teen Jazz Band

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Barney Greer - Alto Sax

Sophmore at Harbor High
Student of:
  • Dale Mills alto sax 5+ years & clarinet 8 months
  • Gianni Staiano - piano 1.5 years
    Harbor High Advanced Jazz Band
    2010 Central Coast Section Honor Band
    Cabrillo College classes: Intermediate/Advanced Improvisation, 2 semesters Latin Ensemble

    Short for Barnard, Barney was named after his grandfather, Harry, who  never wanted to be called Harry, and was therefore called Barney. Barney's grandfather took his name after Barney Oldfield, the first racecar driver to exceed 60 m.p.h. on the oval. Who does he think he is Barney Oldfield on the saxophone? Wait 'til you get aload of this!
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    Derek Mitchler - Drums

    Senior at Harbor High
    Harbor High Advanced Jazz Band
    2008-09 & 2009-10 Kuumbuwa Honor Jazz Band
    Student of: Ken Dalluge
    Years playing: 6+

    Derek lays down sick rhythm and crazy syncopation and makes it look REALLY easy. Derek is literally unbelievable!


    Ben Stahl - Bass

    Senior at Harbor High
    Harbor High Advanced Jazz Band
    Student of: Dean Norris
    Years playing: 5+

    Deftly improvising or providing a solid electronic baseline. Incredibly funky jams that totally rock!


    Nick Wallace - Lead Guitar

    Junior at Alternative Family Education (AFE)
    2009-10 Kuumbwa Honor Band
    Cabrillo College classes taken: Music Theory, Musicianship, Jazz Improv, Jazz and Classical Guitar.
    Student of: Dale Ockerman
    Years playing: 6+

    Nick's melodic interpretations provide artistic coheisiveness...aww what can we say, Nick just rips!

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