Barney & the Dinosaurs
Santa Cruz Teen Jazz Band

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"The Dude Rips!
In the footsteps of Coleman Hawkins, Barney Greer is a sax prodigy."

John Vaughan
Cushman & Wakefield of Hawaii, Inc.
Valuation Services, Capital Markets Group
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"Barney and the Dinosaurs are the newest generation of Santa Cruz musicians,again proving jazz is far from extinction."

Brian Chernicky
Director of Marketing
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"Barney and the Dinousaurs are a great local jazz band where, despite their age, they sound like they have been playing together for many years. Barney Greer plays an amazing sax with a ton of heart and devotion to the skill and I recommend seeing them play at Fins or any other local venue to help support true "Santa Cruz" talent."

Chelsea Strong
Account Executive
McAfee Santa Clara, CA
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"I was so impressed by your performance at Fin's Coffee House, I contacted my cousin, and asked him for advice for your future careers as young and talented musicians."

Karen Kaplan
Santa Cruz, CA

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